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Ongoing Works

FUM is presently working for its own development, as well as for Partners, in the following fields:

  • Participation at COP22 to present the expertise of its team in e-mobility and sustainable logistics, as well as the presentation of its Partners in the e-mobility industry
  • Electric scooter and bike sharing project to be implemented first as a showcase in two different cities, as an integrated system from fleet management to payment
  • Electric vehicle sharing project study and business model design, with a possible implementation of a showcase with rental car actors.
  • Solar powered charging stations network project study and business model design


Personalized Consulting for sustainable mobility projects in these fields:

  • payment system for loading stations
  • sustainable logistics with electric vehicles
  • car sharing fleets with electric cars or electric scooters
  • operating system for electric Taxi fleets
  • building loading stations with Solar energy

Key Benefits for clients

With persistent knowledge of Electro Mobility since 2009 our team is highly inspired to develop projects for a new mobility

  • Access towards the German and European market of electro mobility
  • Analyzing the market of sustainable mobility for the client
  • Creating the best case scenario through own knowledge and experiences for the clients project
  • Large practical experiences and network in the field of sustainable mobility
  • Finding access towards subsidies and fundings from EU and German institutions