Implementing new mobility concepts within international projects


Future Mobility will be defined differently from what we know today. It will change from combustion engine vehicle towards a shared and connected sustainable mobility. As prices will be less for a car sharing system then using an individual car, which is only used about 4 % of its time. People will decide for their kind of mobility which will be easy to use and fits their lifestyle. The rapid growing danger of climate change and rising pollution through intense traffic in cities will force humankind to implement radical changes in their way of mobility.

Therefore FUM will find solutions as an international agency for a new sustainable mobility. It will provide its knowledge and experiences as a consulting agency with a huge network for partners in the new mobility branch.


FUM is a platform which provides the tools for implementing and developing projects for a new mobility

  • Our experienced senior staff works project based
  • Offices based in Berlin and Casablanca providing technology and knowledge from Germany and Europe for international new mobility projects.
  • Flexible teams working on personalized projects